If I were to choose a vegetable that was as versatile to my palette as the little black dress is to my wardrobe, I would choose  beetroot- and not just because of the colour.

I normally make borscht in the winter time because it warms that damp chill in the marrow of my bones like nothing else. ( A secret the Russians didn’t share with the west, despite Glasnost). Yet in the summer time, it is one of the best cold soups out there- sweet and slightly sour; creamy and cooling.  Thank you infernal heat wave for introducing my tastebuds and heat weary body to this new experience! 

I use the same recipe for both. I just allow the hot soup to cool to room temperature. My version goes something like this: homemade beef broth, grated: beets, onion, cabbage, carrots; tomatoes, bay leaf, dill, salt, sour cream. Sometimes I roast the beets in the oven before grating them.   For those looking for measurements, time and portions, here’s a simillar, yet different recipe.

And if you really want to dress up a beetroot, you should try beetroot cake. But I’ll share that fashion story a bit later.