Then you would understand why the 840km drive to Chez Ashton in Quebec was worth every argument over the radio station.  Of course there are plenty things to see and do in Quebec, but the experience isn’t complete without pigging out on the best poutine there is.  The cheese is sweet. The gravy is piping hot and salty. The “frites” cover both extremes – crispy, yet  mushy under the blanket of gravy.

As we all know, addictions are always great, until you get to the withdrawal stage. I bought some soft curd cheese at a farmer’s market in Quebec and have been making poutine ever since with farm fresh potatoes and gravy made from drippings.  I used the freshest ingredients because that cheese was gold .  Bagged potatoes from No Frills? Quelle horreur!

Well now I’m really stuffed (as in listless, disoriented, moody, stuck) because I’ve just finished my last batch of cheese and I can’t find a reliable replacement.

I’ll have to visit  Smoke’s Poutinerie for a fix.