Maple Leaf’s new ThinkFOOD!concept got me thinking. Not that I’m a food historian, but is there another staple recipe, that is more ancient, more global or even more ubiquitous than bread?

Enter into my brain for a mo: The most basic ingredients are a milled grain/seed/root with a bit of water and salt. Then, depending on the ingredients you add you can make it either flat or fluffy; sour, sweet or savoury. You can fry, steam, boil, oven bake, or even “bake” it on a stick over a campfire. The possibilities and combinations really are limitless. 

If anyone dared me to go a week without any form of bread, I’d say, forget it. And that’s not because I’m a bread fanatic, but more because it’s such a versatile and comfortable staple. The smell of fresh baked bread or the crunch of a toasted english muffin with butter melting in the crevices, makes me glad I don’t have any gluten issues.

Obviously, ThinkFOOD! can evoke big thoughts and even bigger cravings.