It was past our usual dinner time.

was busy solving a crime on Law & Order, Criminal IntentHe was busy shooting aliens on his computer.

Both of us are hungry. Neither of us want to prepare dinner; nor make the effort to order take out; nor propose to eat out.

I am the first to flinch.  I know that once I pose the question, I also own the problem.

“What are we going to have for dinner?”

“Oh, I’m not hungry.”  Aha! So he takes the opposite tack: Deny being hungry, escape responsiblity.

“Well I’m quite hungry.” I try to rouse his sympathy. He doesn’t take the bait. His eyes remain fixed on the computer screen.

Ideas are tossed, though he continues to be engrossed in his game during the discussion. We finally agree on sandwiches.

I bought  Dempster’s Canadian for two reasons. First, because I was feeling a lingering patriotism after spending Canada Day in Ottawa. Second and more importantly, because I find whole grain adds more substance,  flavour and sustenance to a sandwich. 

So we make sandwiches. He makes 3 roast beef sans with tomato, mayo, dijon, horseradish and dill pickle. I make grilled cheese with, you guessed it, Canadian Cheddar, tomato and ham. A simple tomato salsa, tortilla chips and everyone is pacified.